01. The rules regarding attendance and homework are very [rigid] in that institution.
02. She went to a Catholic school where they had [rigid] regulations against dating.
03. The social rules prohibiting marriage between different classes are [rigidly] followed.
04. My professor has very [rigid] views on the subject.
05. These new paper plates are quite [rigid], even when they get wet.
06. We need some fairly [rigid] cardboard to make signs with.
07. The dead body was quite [rigid], and had apparently been there for a while.
08. The young boy stood [rigidly] against the building wall as the large dog ran by.
09. The [rigidity] of these structures makes them vulnerable to cracks in the event of an earthquake.
10. Joseph Collins once said that by starving emotions, we become humorless, [rigid] and stereotyped.
11. Concrete is a much more [rigid] building material than wood.
12. The division of labor in rural Laos is almost as [rigid] now as it was generations ago.
13. The people of Albania suffered under a [rigid] communist government for 48 years.
14. Research suggests that compared to most western European countries, there are less [rigid] class barriers in the United States.
15. The branch we found had the necessary [rigidity] to hold up our tent.
16. In England in the 1800s, women were [rigidly] excluded from the professions and education.
17. In spite of [rigid] population controls which permit only one child per family in some areas, China's population is just over 1.25 billion.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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